September 29, 2011

Public Policy/Elections

Bainbridge denies closed-door civil service commission meetings were illegal
Gregoire on liquor privatization: Not right for Washington


Bremerton company to do $20 million remodel of Bangor barracks
Implications for companies sponsoring Employee Healthcare Plans


Nuclear plant back on grid after long outage
Grant PUD commissioners approve rate increase distribution
Power costs get passed along
Inside Seattle’s Super-Eco Homes: The Ultimate Water Saver
Inside Seattle’s Super-Eco Homes: Super Efficient Energy
Data center campus joins existing Wash. centers
10 Minutes With Kevin McCray
Stormwater solutions
LOTT to kick off $50 million basin work: Much of project for new sediment tanks that meet standards to be completed in 2012
The Rain Tax
Farmers Harvesting The Power of Solar Energy
Yes, Amazon watchers, it’s a tablet
FCC sued over new Internet rules


Olympic National Forest clearcuts sought in exchange for Wild Olympics
Census: Seattle bike commuting rises 22% in 1 year, city claims #2 spot in US
Sen. Cantwell to declare coastal radar operational
Two local lakes affected by toxic, blue-green algal blooms
Clean-water violations to cost Trident $2.5M
Environmentalists cast doubts on biofuel plans


Tell state officials what you think about Washington’s transportation network and how to pay for it


Central Kitsap School District begins work of cutting $6.8M
NKSD: Board approves adding teachers to alleviate large class sizes
NKSD: Community budget meetings scheduled for October 4 and 11

Community/Social Services

Young chefs learn joy of cooking in Bainbridge program


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