March 5, 2012

Contemporary Water: Reuse, Conservation, Beyond Treatment

How about a little friendly water conservation competition?
New San Francisco wastewater reuse project relocated
SEWR, Using Solar Design to Purify Water
Collaboration pays off between consumer group, solar company and a youth training organization|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Public Policy

Judge’s ruling upholds most of liquor initiative; both sides claim win
Senate to vote on bill to delay Narrows Bridge sales-tax payments
Council meeting videos available online
Panhandlers, squatters prompt new discussion on hard-to-help homeless
Voters expect Olympia, D.C. to get to work
Toxic kids’ products bill dies in state House


18-term Rep. Norm Dicks says he will not seek re-election–141184633.html
Who might take Norm Dicks’ place in Congress?
Bigger Turnout Than Last Election Season for Republican Caucuses on Bainbridge
Kitsap’s Republican caucus goes for Romney


Why Boomers are staying in the workforce longer
Shooting range will remain closed
Employer spotlight: Avalara
Cities brace for reduced liquor revenues
KEDA announces new venue for Annual Meeting set for March 9
State Republican senators pass own budget proposal
Boeing employees celebrate 1,000th 777
Income falls short for 9 million retirees as cost of living rises, study finds
Amazon’s Seattle offices show how things have changed for company
Profitability, loan quality improve for state’s banks
Proposed bills would weaken the Historic Workers’ Compensation reforms before they are implemented

Collaborative Communities/Innovative Partnerships

KPVCB, Kitsap PFD and County join to form Facilities and Venue Coalition
Seattle’s First Urban Food Forest Will Be Open To Foragers


County, cities receive stormwater grants
Bainbridge Energy Efficiency Program Credited for Jobs
Kitzhaber’s new 10-year energy plan draft floats big ideas to reactivate green energy
Portland Mayor Sam Adams considers using ratepayer funds to help build a $55 million energy plant
AT&T changes throttling policy for heavy data users
Cloud computing to generate 14 million jobs, according to Microsoft-commissioned study


Fight in Olympia over solutions for toxic runoff


State House passes transportation budget with fee increases; Senate is next


Any NK school closures would be elementaries, says board
OC’s engineering program could double in size
Washington State on iTunes U


NHB ACLS Program trains to save lives
NUWC Keyport receives partner initiative award
Stennis supply officer’s duties include laundry, pirate food and more
Hotline available for soldiers, veterans over PTSD evaluations

Community/Social Services

Local firefighters will conquer Columbia Center for a cure


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