March 28, 2012

Public Policy

Dashiell, Knobloch have day in court


Port Orchard businessman proposes Pike Place-style market on Bay Street
Bremerton Ice Center seeking to serve alcohol to boost revenue
Bainbridge park group gets $80,000 grant as planning continues for the former Unocal gas station site
Gov. Gregoire seeks sales tax deduction extension
Lawmaker sees health care saving: Educator plan: Teachers union points to high costs in short term


Will Puget Sound Energy Double Down on Coal?
Legal decision on PT paper mill biomass project expected this week
IKEA Powers-up Solar Energy Panels at Portland, OR Store
In Tillamook: Turning (More) Cow Poop Into Power
Some Issaquah customers could pay more for water, sewer
EPA to reduce new power plants’ carbon pollution
Copper Theft Insurance Claims Soar
Communities Dive In: Local Planning for Energy Efficiency
Study: Fuel demand not cut by alternative energy: A UO researcher concludes that energy demand rises when more sources become available
How the natural gas craze will impact renewable energy
SolarCity Tries To Jump-Start Home Energy Efficiency Market With Loan Program
The good and bad of niche broadband networks


‘Tire roundup’ begins Sunday
Increased Coal Train Traffic Could Mean Bad News For Public Health
Wash. officials track Columbia River sewage spills
Battle over building in Puget Sound flood plains
Coastal cleanup effort collects 9M tons of garbage


Passenger ferries can’t get around subsidy problem


South Kitsap High School coordinator honored for work with many
NK school closure committee unlikely to make a recommendation by deadline
Brownsville custodian honored for keeping things clean — and fun
SKHS Acting Ensemble Competes at Repertory Theatre
A dream deferred: Showdown nears over Seattle’s long-delayed World School
New scholarship aims to fan interest in high-tech careers

Community/Social Services

Walk MS in Central Kitsap
Kitsap County Red Cross: Kirkland Volunteer Honored for Helping Accident, Tornado Victims


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